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Gaurisuta - Son Of Gauri
Gauri is another name of Goddess Parvati. Gaurisuta is Lord Ganesha, the deft son of Gauri. He enlightens and causes his mother's face to blossom with his love and devotion.

Gunina - Lord Of All Virtues
Gunina, the Lord of all virtues, is Grace personified, making everything auspicious. His immense grace and radiance is supreme and ethereal, and is adored by one and all.

Haridra - The Golden One
Lord Ganesha, although smoke-coloured, is the Golden One, as he has a moon crest on his forehead, a sacred thread in the form of a serpent round his body, cheeks anointed with a vermilion paste, glowing golden like the rays of the sun.

Heramba - Beloved Of The Mother
Lord Ganesha is Heramba, the fire-headed Protector of the weak. He is his mother's beloved, and is her protector.

Kapil - Tawny-Coloured
The tawny-coloured elephant-faced Ganesha is the God of wisdom who teaches that the path of success and
achievement is through the use of intellect, and that
through wisdom alone can one reach salvation.

Kaveesha - Lord Of Poets
Ganesha is the Lord of wisdom from whom emanates
knowledge that is divine. All poets invoke his grace before
picking up their pens, for he is the Lord of poets from whose
divine pen flow divine words.

Kirti - Lover Of Music
Lord Ganesha is Nada Brahman, Lord of music. He is the
repository of knowledge and a mine of virtues from whom
emanates illimitable erudition, and cosmic music and rhythm.

Kripakaram - Who Is Merciful
Lord Ganesha, as Kripakaram, wavy with profound
kindness, is the sea exhibited by his eyes. He is ever
Merciful and the beacon of divine fight.

Krishapingaksha - Black- Yellowish -Brown -Eyed
Lord Ganesha, whose, eyes radiate power, compassion,
wisdom and love, is omnipotent and infinite. His small
eyes dazzle with the exuberance of the fight of a million

Kshamakaram - Abode Of Forgiveness
Constant and regular chanting of Lord Ganesha's name is a sure path for atonement of sins. He is the abode of
forgiveness, the seat of compassion, and most forgiving.
Repose faith in him and he will protect you.

Kshipra - Quick-Acting
Handsome of appearance and red in colour like the hibiscus flower, he holds his broken tusk, noose, goad,
and sprig of the wish-fulfilling tree in his, hands and a pot of precious gems in his trunk.

Lambakarna - Large-Eared
The large-eared Ganesha is a mine of information gathered
from all directions. His large ears are used for winnowing
information, retaining only the essentials.

Lambodara - Huge-Bellied
The big-bellied Ganesha is the symbol of the whole universe- all that is conceivable in the whole cosmos- from
which all events of the world emerge. It is symbolic of his capacity to assimilate the whole information.

Mahabala - Extremely Strong
Lord Ganesha, with his huge body, is symbolic of the cosmos or the universe. He is extremely strong and
powerful, endowed with intellectual prowess.

Mahaganapati - The Omnipotent And All-Powerful
Lord Ganesha, the Almighty, the Supreme Infinite, is
omnipotent and all powerful. His infinite form is beyond man's comprehension, and is limitless.

Maheshwaram - Lord Of The Universe
Maheshwaram, from whom the universe is born, is the Eternal Brahman. All the elements-earth, fire, air, water
and ether-are manifest in him. He is the Supreme Lord of the universe.

Mangalamoorti - The Auspicious Lord Ganesha is the
personification of all that is auspicious.He who was
worshipped by Lord Shiva before his vanquishing
Tripurasur, by Lord Vishnu before his tying of Bali in the rope, by Lord Brahma before creating the world, by Parvati before her slaying the demon Manisha, is Mangalamoorti.

Manomay - Conqueror Of One's Heart
Lord Ganesha is the God of all people, big and small, educated and illiterate. He is compassionate and forgiving, wise and intellectual. With his huge body, gentle eyes and calm countenance, he fills one's heart with love.

Mritunjaya - Deathless
The Infinite Lord Ganesha has no beginning or end. He is
deathless and the root cause of the creation. He is the
embodiment of 'OM', the symbol of the Great God who has no end and is invincible.

Mudakaram - Abode Of Joy
Lord Ganesha is the home of Siddhi and Buddhi, the repository of knowledge and the abode of joy. He bestows happiness and welfare to all.

Muktidaya - Giver Of Eternal Peace
Muktidaya is Lord Ganesha who grants security to his
devotees, thereby providing eternal peace. He destroys all the obstacles that one may face when entreated by his

Musikvahan - He With The Mouse As His Vehicle
Lord Ganesha, with I his massive body, favours the Mouse as his beloved vehicle. The mouse, known to cause great havoc, is kept under the control of Ganesha by serving as his vehicle.

Nadapratithista - Lover Of Music
Lord Ganesha is symbolic of the music and rhythm of the
cosmos. He loves music and sometimes a veena is one of the attributes seen in his hands. He is the patron of music and dance.

Namasthetu - Destroyer Of All Sins
Lord Ganesha is the sea-fire to end the sea. He purges the
devotees of all sins by incinerating the sins and impieties by
his holy fire.

Nandana - Son Of Lord Shiva
Nandana, son of Lord Shiva, is the mind-born son of Lord Shiva, or, as popularly believed, the creation of Parvati. He is the elder son of Shankara, and the beloved of his mother, Uma.

Nideeswaram - Master Of All Kinds Of Treasures
Lord Ganesha, the repository of knowledge, is adorable, with his plump body, his tusk broken and single. His is the Lord of all wealth-material as well as spiritual-endowed with intrinsic qualities that command the respect of all.

Pashin - One Who Sits Like A Rock
Lord Ganesha is Infinite and Consciousness personified, solid and unwavering like a rock, who is unshakeable,
invincible, the seat of infinite power, the pure essence of
luminous mind.

Pitambar - Wearer Of Yellow Clothes
Lord Ganesha, who wears clothe-5 of white and yellow,
personifies purity and uniqueness. With a deep knowledge of the self, he is the eternal spirit who is changeless yet causes change all around.

Pramod - Lord Of The Place
As Pramod, Lord Ganesha is the only refuge of the shelterless as he is Lord of the place. He is the Lord of the gods, the repository of wisdom, the seat of spiritual
awakening, from whom creation has come.

Prathameshvar - One Who Holds The First Place
Lord Ganesha, the eternal spirit, the Brahman, is the God of Auspiciousness, holding the first place. He is the
Beginning of all beginnings, worshipped by Mahesha and other gods.

Purush - The Supreme Authority
Lord Ganesh is Punish, the Supreme Authority. He is the
Omniscient Lord Almighty who rules over the entire universe. He is the Ultimate Reality, the One Truth, the Manifest Spirit.

Rakta - Red-coloured
Lord Ganesha's body hue is compared to the red lotus and his tusk to the vermilion blood marks when it is thrust into his enemies for destruction.

Rudrapriya - Beloved Of Shiva
Lord Ganesha, the beloved son of Shiva, is the Master of
all, whose virtuous qualities are orisoned by even the
creator, Brahma. He is Shiva's revered and noble son.

Sarvadevatman - Accepter Of Celestial Offerings
As Lord of the gods, Lord Ganesha is happy to accept the
loving offerings of the celestials. They adore and worship
him, and as their Master, and he bestows his grace on them.

Sarvasiddhanta - Provider of Adeptness To His Disciples
The repository of wisdom and knowledge, Lord Ganesha
bestows success on his devotees.
He who
chants his name continually will be sure of being
blessed with the ability to be adept in all his actions.

Sarvatman - Blesser Of The Universe
He who dwells in every heart in a secret manner, by whose
command this entire world exists, who is Infinite and the
Enlighter of the hearts, by knowledge, he is Sarvatman, LordGanesha.

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